Experience that breeds confidence.

Regardless of your project’s scope or scale, you need confidence.  Confidence that the job will be completed in the right way, at the right time and at the right cost.  We get it.  Hathaway Dinwiddie professionals come to the table with a roll-up-the-sleeves mentality and a pre-emptive way of thinking that ensures nothing is overlooked.  We blend this with a progressive understanding of the most advanced technology to provide the most relevant and comprehensive solutions.  Our expertise covers the full breadth of construction projects and a wide array of industries.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Our roots in BIM date back to 1998, when a Hathaway Dinwiddie engineer presented an industry case study on the applications of 3D modeling. Today, we utilize innovative BIM technologies at every project stage: from conception to design to coordinated installation. Using conceptual 3D drawings, we create an interdisciplinary delivery model, which is integral in the formulation of estimates and schedules.  The delivery model is also used to summarize quantity surveys, develop preliminary construction strategies and ensure complete coordination between our team and trade partners. Preliminary energy and light studies, site logistics planning and options evaluations are also executed. Working as a whole, the Hathaway Dinwiddie BIM process has a profound impact on productivity, cost efficiency, scheduling and sustainability.

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Partnered Delivery and Lean Construction

Hathaway Dinwiddie is a member of the Lean Construction Institute and UC Berkeley Project Production System Library (P2SL).  We utilize an interactive, big room approach to planning and problem-solving.  This includes the creation of unified communication solutions that allow a wider range of participants to engage.  We also feature pull planning, where an established end date drives the sequence of work behind it.  This process includes development of micro look-ahead schedules and task lists, and the study of variances between planned and realized productivity.  We further specialize in creating a visual workplace, which is a clean, waste-free job site where materials and tools are efficiently stored in designated areas.  Aside from positive safety implications, the visual workplace has a beneficial effect on overall worker psychology and productivity.


Hathaway Dinwiddie believes that design-build success begins with mutual respect for all team members.  We foster a work environment that simplifies both free-form and structured information exchange between all participants.  Hathaway Dinwiddie design-build professionals are experts in their field, who partner with owners  and manage all aspects of the project, from architecture and engineering to the design and installation of the trades. Our design-build engagements  cover entire construction projects or specialty components, such as  trade management, MEP, drywall, grade shoring systems, curtainwall, exterior framing, fireplaces, pool design and more.

Quality Control

Quality starts with our people and the dedicated resources made available on a daily basis, from preconstruction through construction. Quality is about the dedication of individual team members, who take the time to assure that every detail is reviewed.  Beginning in the preconstruction phase, our experienced team performs constructability reviews and uses BIM tools to analyze all systems and details.  This ensures that final fit and finish exceeds architect and owner expectations.  We study options for materials, details, phasing and sequencing to maximize overall value. To monitor and improve the finished product, we employ rigorous quality at the source measures.  In short, our team leaves no detail unchecked to ensure the best possible results.

Best Value Exploration

Hathaway Dinwiddie understands that the objectives of “value” are not easily measurable.  We further recognize how important budget compliance is to project success. Our Best Value Exploration professionals develop a clearly defined budget, based upon strategic research and proactive planning.  This occurs before construction begins and includes advance meetings with all relevant parties. We then work with project designers throughout the construction documentation phase to assure that all scope, cost, scheduling and quality goals are met.  This is done through a process of “targeted value design”, where we evaluate each estimate and design to it, not the other way around.  This process also includes design collaboration, constant communication and continual tracking of improvements and innovations that have a positive effect on the project.  The Hathaway Dinwiddie Best Value Exploration process ultimately leads to enhanced cost efficiencies, better communication and predictability, reduced waste and overall client satisfaction.

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We understand that the environment matters. We take the time to seek out and recommend the most sustainable solutions for our clients’ projects, and the settings in which they reside.  As California’s premier builder of landmark structures and quality interior spaces, we are often sought out by owners and architects for our sustainability expertise. Over thirty-five percent of our staff members are LEED Accredited Professionals, and all of our project teams are knowledgeable about the United States Green Building Council’s LEED Certification System. This experience enables us to provide clients with the most advanced ideas in green building and sustainable construction practices. Hathaway Dinwiddie has ranked as high as #2 in Green Educational Facilities and as a Top-5 Overall Green Contractor by Engineering News Record.

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Safety is an all-in deal for Hathaway Dinwiddie, and our number one priority on the job. Our entire team has a stake in the equation to assure that everyone involved in our projects are safe from injury and accidents. Our team includes full-time safety officers, whose sole responsibility is to work with all employees to maintain safe job-site environments and prevent accidents. We also utilize independent safety consultants to train jobsite teams on safety procedures.  For every project, we develop a “Job Specific Injury and Illness Prevention Program”.  Through this proactive initiative, all subcontractors are required to submit their own safety programs as part of their contracts.  All of this combines to promote job sites where everyone is vested, everyone is accountable and everyone is safe.